Friday, May 22, 2009

Finding the Perfect Wedding Gown

It's really important to find the perfect gown for your big day. It takes some girls 5 minutes to choose a gown and others months. While recently reading through an issue of Carolina Bride Magazine, I came across some great tips for a bride's search for the perfect gown.

Here they are:

- Don't shop yourself into confusion. While you will want to try on several different styles of dresses, don't try on every gown in town. If you try on a dress and you think it's beautiful, then buy it.

- Consider shopping on your own -- at least initially. Later, you can show your mom or best friend your two favorite dresses and see what they think.

- Wear the proper undergarments and shoes when trying on gowns.

- Ask if your dress can be customized. For instance, some dresses can be ordered with a different sleeve or train.

- Expect alterations. They are almost always necessary and there is usually an additional charge.

- Consider your budget. Wedding dresses in the greater Charlotte area vary from several hundred dollars to several thousand. The fabric, ornamentation and designer all affect the price. Ask your bridal consultant about samples and discontinued styles. They can be wonderful bargains for a fraction of the cost.

- Remember, you alone will wear this dress. You have to look good in it and have confidence that you look good in it.

- Finally, be happy with your selection. When you find "the" gown, you'll know it -- don't settle for less. And whatever your dream dress might be, you can be sure it will be ready and waiting just for you.

Thank you Caroline Bride for these wonderful tips!!! We hope many brides will find them useful!

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